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Hello, I am Bev Sterrett. As you go through my website, I hope you enjoy the fruits of a childhood dream that over the years has come to fruition. I have found that the key to happiness is having dreams and the key to success is making the dream come true, no matter how big or small!

I started Outlaw Farm Equestrian Centre in 1990 in Pietermaritzburg and after being in Waterfall for 11 years, we have been blessed to be part of the stunning Eastern Freestate, which is now the home of Outlaw Farm and Cushti Bok Stud.

Outlaw Farm is also the home of South Africas's first REGISTERED Gypsy Horses, Promise and Lilly.

I started riding at the age of 4 years and have had an avid love of horses all my life. I have competed in show jumping and thoroughly enjoy the sport, although for me, dressage is the ultimate in horsemanship and the basis of all riding, which ever realm of equine sport you enjoy.

Colleen joined me in running Outlaw Farm in 1994 after leaving school and doing a six month horsemanship course. She is as passionate about horses as I am and is the instructor here. She is entirely in charge of the feeding of our "special" residents.

Here at Outlaw Farm we ensure that the horses' interests come first and foremost and as such are blessed with all those that have graced our yard, those that are, and those that still will...

We back horses as well as working with "problem horses" using the Trust Method. We believe in having calm, relaxed horses and satisfied clientele.

We are on call 24/7 and live on the property so that the horses are under supervision at all times by us as owners.

My personal dream I live daily and as such am blessed and I am in the process of finally getting another life long dream fulfilled by breeding paint sport horses.

It is such exciting times here at Outlaw Farm and we will certainly keep you posted.



My horse Arctic Lad
Colleen and her horse A Pretty Penny
Arctic Lad Colleen & Aphrodite
Colleen backing one of our shire x Chancy with a friend, Tony
Training Training
Training Training
Outlaw Farm - the first importer of REGISTERED Gypsy Horses - Promise and Lilly
Registered Irish Cob - Silken Promise
Registered Irish Cob - Lilly
Silken Promise Lilly
Silken Promise Silken Promise
Silken Promise Silken Promise
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